There are two places to be on earth.

Heaven or hell.

You can pack your luggage and move to heaven.

Or you can decide to go to hell.

It’s your choice.

Both heaven and hell exist in your thought.

It is tempting to think that others can create heaven or hell for you.

Money does not buy heaven.

The lack of money does not mean you must live in hell.

When people tell you, “Go to hell!”

Do not go.

Just stay in heaven.

And if you live in hell, tell yourself, “I’m going to heaven.”

Don’t wait until you die before going to heaven.

If your life is hell, don’t stay there.

Heaven is only next door.

Go, instead, to heaven and spend the rest of your life there.

It’s your decision to make.

When you keep bad thoughts, you live in hell.

When you switch to positive thoughts, a limousine takes you to heaven.

The ride is free, and your mansion in heaven is  all paid for, tax free.

Plus you can live there with great neighbors for the rest of your life.

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