Moyo Okediji
Art Historian. Artist. Curator.

Hi, I’m Moyo Okediji,
Artist & Storyteller.

I am a Professor of Art and Art History at the University of Texas, a Writer with three (3) published books, and founder and director of the Akodi Orisa Art Sanctuary in Ile Ife, Nigeria.

400+ Exhibitions
100,000+ People Impacted

Rivers of Life

Folks are flowing waters:
We fail to connect upstream,
Downstream we shall meet

Those you shun today,
Tomorrow you may seek

Those you help now
Later may lift you up

People are flowing streams
Running down to the sea.

The Akodi Orisa house - Moyo Okediji
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Akodi Orisa Art Santuary

A sacred ground created to monumentalize the first intergalactic landing on earth, that is the arrival of Ènìyàn (people), from Ọ̀run, the source galaxy. The Akodi Orisa also creates a safe space for women who use art and creativity to heal their physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds.