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We went to celebrate the Independence Day of Nigeria at a local bar where they sell Nigerian food, beer and hot Isi Ewu pepper soup.

We ordered swallow food.

After that we ordered drinks.

Please learn from our mistakes.

Do not drink more than one bottle of beer.

We all laughed and chatted heartily after drinking one bottle of small stout and Isi Ewu pepper soup.

Then Erhabor ordered a second round of small stout and Isi Ewu pepper soup.

That was when the trouble started.

Only Olodumare knows how it began.

“When Europeans enslaved individual Africans,” someone joked, “they changed their names from African names like Adebayo and Kojo to Brown, Smith and Jason, put them on the ships in chains and brought them to America. It was perfectly effective.”

We all laughed and drank our small stout!!!

“To enslave millions of Africans at the same time,” another person joked, “they simply changed the names of their nation from Yoruba or Igbo to Nigeria and Senegal, didn’t bother to put them in chains, and didn’t bother to ship them out of Africa. It was even more effective.”

We all laughed heartily, ordered a third bottle of small stout and Isi Ewu pepper soup.

We called our Uber driver and went home laughing.

It was so much fun!!!

We flew home like a bright bird with many colors.

Next year, we will learn from our mistakes, order swallow food, but drink just one bottle of stout and one Isi Ewu pepper soup.

Happy Independence Day folks!!!!

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