Does anyone know where to get aásà?

Does anyone know where to get aásà?

My grandma, her soul is resting in peace,

She smoked the clay pipe when she was alive

and also enjoyed using the aásà herb

Which she placed right in the middle of her tongue

And sucked on it like candy.

It’s more than 50 years ago.

I was just a couple of years old.

My grandma sent me out to get some aásà for her.

She gave me tọ́rọ́ (three pence).

I bought her the aásà.

And since I had an extra penny on me

I bought myself one pennyworth of aásà.

I was going to find out exactly why grandma loved her aásà so much

I gave grandma her aásà

And went to our room to enjoy the aásà that I bought for me.

Just as grandma always did,

I placed the aásà in the middle of my tongue

And sucked on it.

Its taste was warm and sharp, and a little on the bitter side.

Slowly, and then rapidly, the room was turning darker and darker

And the floor began to gyrate faster and faster.

My head began to grow larger and larger

And an echo started coming from the middle of my nose

But when I tried to touch my ears

It felt like they had dropped off from my head

Because they were not where I left them.

My grandma suspected something was happening

And when she came looking, she found me in my misery.

She took one look at me and knew exactly what I had done.

She burst into laughter but I didn’t think it was so funny.

“Children don’t touch aásà,” she instructed me.

“You must be an adult to enjoy it.”

Since that afternoon, I have not tried aásà.

Now, I’m a grown-up

And want to try the aásà

But nobody sells aásà anymore.

At least I can’t find it here in Austin

And it’s probably taboo in Nigeria now

Or does anyone know where to get aásà?

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