a picture showing a sculpture at the akodi orisa

Just as a lens focuses light to the point

Just as a lens focuses light to the point

that it can generate enough heat

to set a leaf on fire:

The Òrùlé Orí uses sound and space

to focus and raise the level

of positive energy in an individual.

How? It’s the principle of electricity.

You connect the charger to the electricity socket to charge the battery of your laptop. Your laptop wakes up, ready to go.

You connect your cellphone and charge the battery. Then it works properly again.

All your electronics you can connect to the electric outlet and charge their batteries, wake them up and use them.

Your body is an electric body

that runs with computational accuracy

coded into your dna.

Ifa knows all the 256 codes

with which your body is computed.

Yoruba spirituality demands that you must bọ orí or charge your head periodically.

New times, new terms.

No shedding of blood

to bọ orí any longer.

The Àkòdì Òrìṣà is building a head-charger, Òrùlé Orí, using the 256 codes of Ifa to compute and charge and raise the levels of positive in an earth-friendly, digitally-designed sound-space.

By plugging their Inner head (Orí inú) into the Òrùlé Orí, an individual will raise the energy level within the orí and make it more receptive to all good fortunes, while rejecting of all ill-fortunes.

The Òrùlé Orí will begin to function at the Àkòdì Òrìṣà in 2020.

Akodi Orisa–where Ifa is a computer.

Ifa says,

Ilẹ̀ ni mo tẹ̀

kí n tó ó tọpọ́n:

it was with silicon that I computed,

before computing on the ọpọ́n board.

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