Welcome to the new world.

Welcome to the new world.

It’s not going to look like your father’s world.

So, this lady came to the Àkòdì Òrìṣà, and asked the women artists working there, “What are you people doing here? What is this place?”

The curator said, “Madam, this is the Àkòdì Òrìṣà, and as you can see, we are working.”

“Òrìṣà kẹ̀!” the visiting woman exclaimed. “You people are Òrìṣà worshippers? Educated, young people, and you worship Òrìṣà? And don’t call me madam, young woman; you should call me mommy”

The curator laughed at her. “You are not my mother. And it is your own miseducation that makes you think that one couldn’t be young and educated, yet worship Orisa. Matter of fact, you need to be educated about your past, present and future. We can help you here at the Àkòdì Òrìṣà to rediscover yourself.”

The visitor had her jaws hanging open. “The world has come to an end,” she said finally.

Indeed the world has come to an end. The old world of disinformation and lies about indigenous spirituality is over. A new world is being born, even as we speak.

Young people are no longer quite as gullible as their parents. And get-rich-quick evangelism has failed. Poverty continues to engulf Nigeria, even as people build more and more churches and mosques.

Welcome to the new world. It’s not going to look like your father’s world.

Picture: Orisa artists working at the Akodi Orisa, Ile Ife, Nigeria.

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