My mumu is too much.

My mumu is too much.

Hear my story o.

They just fixed the electricity at my place in Nigeria.

To get it fixed, I bought four poles, and hundreds of yards of cable.

I contributed hundreds of thousands of naira to get the transformer.

I bought the meter.

And paid to have the entire thing installed.

But I understand that none of these things that I bought belongs to me.

They all belong to the government.

If I default in payment, the government will come and remove the wires that I bought with my money. And I have to pay to have MY wire returned to me, should I want power back.

The government sends bills not according to the power that I have consumed, but according the whims and caprices of the government.

The transformer? Mine. I bought it.

The wires? Mine? I bought them.

The meter? Mine. I bought it.

The poles? Mine. I bought them.

But are these items bought with my money mine?

No o. They belong to the government.

What a mumu I am.

What a total mumu I have become.

My mumu don pass mumu sef.

Man done become Mumuni.

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