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Multiverse: Agbedeméjì and Agbédèmejì

Multiverse: Agbedeméjì and Agbédèmejì

A friend just asked me to comment on Agbedeméjì.

But didn’t ask me about Agbédèmejì.

Agbedeméjì refers to the third and fourth spaces between Ayé (this world) and Ọ̀run (the source).

Agbede is space, both virtual and real. Since they are méjì (two), it means there is agbede kini (the third space), and agbede keji (fourth space).

These are liminal spaces connecting two places.

We also have Agbedeméjì between Africa and the west, Blacks and Oyinbo, insider and outsiders.

Many of us now live in the Agbedeméjì of the west and Africa, even if we have never left Africa or the west.

There is hardly anybody who has not been Africanized, whether they are aware of it or not: they probably listen to jazz, hip hop or AfroBeat.

And, certainly, there is hardly any African who is not westernized, even if they don’t want to admit it—after all westerners created African countries and named them. (Ethiopia was not colonized, but it has endured or enjoyed considerable westernization).

In other words, the entire world now lives in these Agbedeméjì places.

Which brings us to Agbédèmejì—those who speak double languages: again, perhaps most us.

We are people of Agbedeméjì, and we are also Agbédèmejì.

I am in the Egungun costume, swirling in its multiverse.

We are both Agbedeméjì and Agbédèmejì elements of the Multiverse.

We pray that your path in the world meet with joy (ayọ̀), health (ìlera) ìbàlẹ̀-ọkàn and ọrọ̀ (wealth).


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