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Orunmila has a beautiful daughter to give away in marriage.

There are three contestants seeking the beautiful princess.

One is from the North known as Àríwá.

One is from the West, known as Ìwọ̀ Oòrùn.

One is from the East, known as Ìlà Oòrùn.

Orunmila called the three of them and told them that we are back in 1962.

Three people were also vying for the hand of the princess way back in 1962.

It led to a civil war that broke out in 1967.

The rival from Ìwọ̀ Oòrùn and Àríwá conspired to fight the rival from Ìlà Oòrùn.

The war was long and bitter.

Millions of people died and the land was drenched in blood.

The land of Ila Oorun was the battlefront.

After three years of fighting, they paused the fighting.

They declared “No victor, no vanquished.”


They have just resumed the contest for the princess in 2022.

Orunmila says history is repeating itself—as it did from 1962 to 1967.

Orunmila says if the bachelor from Ìlà Oòrùn wins, he will conspire with the bachelor from Àríwá.

The war will be fought in Ìwọ̀ Oòrùn.

If the bachelor from Àríwá wins, the bachelors from Ìlà Oòrùn and Ìwọ̀ Oòrùn will conspire.

They will fight against the bachelor from Àríwá.

The only room for peace is for the bachelor from Ìwọ̀ Oòrùn to win.

But Orunmila says the bachelor from Ìwọ̀ Oòrùn cannot win.


Because aye is full of Òbírípo. (Life is full of turntables).

Bírí bírí layé ń yí o (The world is a rotating turntable)

Òbírípo. (The gyrator)

Bírí bírí layé ń yí o (Round and round turns the world)

Òbírípo. (The gyrator)

Bó yí sọ́tǔn lónǐ (If it turns to the right today)

Òbírípo (The gyrator)

A yí sósì lọ́la (To the left it will turn tomorrow)

Òbírípo (The gyrator)

Bírí bírí layé ń yí o (The world is a rotating turntable)

Òbírípo. (The gyrator)

Life has reset to 1962 in 2022

Òbírípo. (The gyrator)

In five years when we see 2027

Òbírípo (The gyrator)

It will be exactly like 1967 again

Òbírípo. (The gyrator)

Tọlọ́mọkan ló ṣòro (If you birthed just one child, you should worry).

Òbírípo (The gyrator)

Konko làwá ṣojú o (Our eyes are red and severe)

Òbírípo. (The gyrator)


The picture shows the movement of the gyrating Moon around the Sun, gyrating like the Òbírípo


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