a picture showing a mother goat and its kid



To trap a chicken,

a few grains of corn.

to trap a dog

just a bone

to trap the antelope

okra is enough

To trap a cobra

the egg of a chicken

to trap a bush rat

a locust bean

to trap a goat

a piece of yam

to trap the adulterer

suggest sex

to trap a thief

just a coin

But to trap an entire nation

with beef from the cattle?

If meat is that delicious

raise your own goats

build poultries

let chicken range free

Don’t let them trap you

with the greed of your throat

May what we eat

not end up eating us.

***I took this picture of a free-range goat,

giving birth wẹ́rẹ́ in Ile Ife

without any human aid.

She had just birthed the kid standing next to her.

Look carefully and you will see the placenta.

She is getting ready to push out the second kid.

Local goats thrive in millions in southern Nigerian ecology

I once saw a goat pulling down a pasted poster from the wall

and munching on it

as if it was delicious goat feeds.

Why is this enslavement by cows

which causes human abductions,

wanton killings and submission of your national sovereignty

to aliens who subjugate you.

To catch a nation

with just the cow?

May what we eat

not end up eating us.

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