Life, when lived properly, is like playing in this giant park called Earth.

Find the thing you love to play with, and turn it into your work.

Then you can start playing.

I play with words, to enjoy the miracle of sound.

I play with images, to savor the magnificence of sight.

Playing is the best way to give thanks to the Creator of this giant park, and to fully enjoy the fruits and drinks that the park abundantly supplies.

“How much is your “Lagos Born” hoodie? Do you accept Paypal or Zelle? How do I pay you?”

I’m not a hoodie seller.

Do I look like a seller of hoodies?

I’m just having fun in this park to glorify my Maker.

Here I am today, playing again, in this beautiful garden called Earth.

I play because I am. I am because I play.

One minute of joyful playing is an eternity in heaven.

Eré ni a ń fi ọmọ ayò ṣe. Chess is meant to be played.

Let’s stop fighting among ourselves.

There is a Yoruba song that goes:

Ọ̀rẹ́ là ó ma a ṣe

(Friendship is what we will now share)

Àwa ò jà mọ́ o

(We are not about quarrels)

Eré là ó mà a ṣe

(Playing is what we will now do).

May your life be a fulfilling session of endless and joyful playing.

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