a picture showing moyo okedijis art piece


OLÓDÙMARÈ is what I have written here, using the Yoruba alphabet that I just designed.

It is a painted prayer.

It still has not rained in Austin, Texas where I live.

It has not rained for months, and this is our rainy season.

The lakes that supply us water are drying up.

A drought is upon the land.

The temperature has been 105 degrees or higher for weeks, and there is no respite in sight according to the weather forecast.

Europe is also heating up.

My painting is a prayer to Olodumare to spare us more heat and send down the rain to wash away our transgressions.

Majek Fashek, the Nigerian reggae artist once prayed, in his song, “Send down the rain.”

Bob Marley observed, “War in the east, war in the west, war upnorth, war downsouth.”

The cost of living is rising with the temperature.

The price of wheat for making bread is rising because of the war in Ukraine.

The cost of fuel is almost double what it was last year.

Send down the rain, Olodumare, and make life easier for us on earth.

The painting shows me adding finishing touches to OLÓDÙMARÈ, the Mother who speaks in the language of lightning and thunder.

OLÓDÙMARÈ, our Mother whose breastmilk is the rain.

Interested in some of my published works?

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