Make more children.

Make more children.

Many, many, many, more children.

More and more and more.

Àmọ̀tẹ́kùn kids.

Let every Amotekun woman produce ten.

Let every Amotekun man make 50.

There is food in the land to feed them.

Produce lots of them.

The problem is not a lack of resources.

The problem is a lack of heart.

Redistribute wealth and resources.

There is more than enough for everybody.

Don’t believe those economists who preach that money makes people.

People make money.

People build roads.

People build houses.

People build bridges.

People build people.

Do you see starving Chinese children on the streets?

Stop quoting stupid western economic theories.

Malthus economic fallacy of 1798 has been proven wrong in Beijing in 2020.

Close that door and make us some beautiful children, please.

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