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I have returned to drinking coffee again.

I have returned to drinking coffee again.

For a long time time, I boycotted coffee.

My entire system just needed a break–coffee, alcohol, and all other vices you could imagine or not imagine–I threw away.

I wasn’t feeling good with myself.

After some six months, things have changed.

Today, I am at the coffee shop.

Flower: Just regular non-caff tea?

Me: No. Regular coffee. Black.

Flower: Decaff coffee?

Me: Black coffee. Dark.

Flower: Mo! I thought you gave it up!

Me: I’m back.

Flower: Glad you’re back.

She served me the coffee.

After sipping it neat for twenty minutes, I went through a quarter of it. My head was turbo-charged.

I decided I had enough.

I returned to the bar with the rest of the coffee.

Me: Flower, could you please pour away half of what is left in my cup and top the rest with hot water?

Flower: Of course. You have to return slowly.

So I went back to my seat, with the highly diluted coffee.

I’m sipping on it, slowly, as i continue to edit the book manuscript I’m working on.

Feeling good on a Monday morning.

Do you drink coffee or tea?

Or do you prefer kókó gbigbona?

Interested in some of my published works?

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