Sunday Morning Conversation With Yahoo Boy.

Sunday Morning Conversation With Yahoo Boy.

He is using the account of Moyo Owotomo:

Yahoo Boy: Good morning

Me: Good morning. It’s been forever. How are you doing?

Yahoo Boy: All thanks to God

How is everything with You

I have a business i have been benefitting from and i would like to introduce to you before I forget

Me: Ok, great.

Yahoo Boy: It is a program called Global Cash Investment, you invest an amount and before 12 hours you get back 3times what you invested God is My witness it is totally safe and Secured

They invest in Bitcoin Mining and are fully supported by the government, i invested in the #50,000 plan and i got #150,000 so if you are interested i can help you register

Me: Sounds amazing. Thanks, bro. Can I invest like a million naira? I have a bit of cash floatng around

Yahoo Boy: if you pay now God is My witness you will get your money before 9pm today just trust me on this I will personally pay you back if anything happens to your money God sees my heart

Me: That’s alright. We’ve been friends for a long time. Thirty years at least. How do I get the money to you?

Yahoo Boy: You register first by sending me your account number and what’s app number

Me: That’s not a big deal.

But how reliable is this project? I don’t want to lose money. And my wife must not know about it.

Yahoo Boy: I give you my words nothing will happen to your money

If anything happens the company has a refund policy or I will personally pay you back God sees my heart I just want you to benefit from this opportunity

Me: I live in the US and I’m a computer hacker. I will trace you. Trust me. I will hand you over to the FBI and they will knock on your door within one week in Nigeria. It’s too late for you now.

You can’t run. Your system is in a net and we are watching you.

I just reported your system. Done.

Yahoo Boy: Lol. God be with you

Me: It was clear the first moment. You don’t even know how to do Yahoo properly.

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