a picture of moyo okediji enjoying a plate of iru pepper soup

Irú Pepper Soup (a Christmas delicacy?)

Irú Pepper Soup (a Christmas delicacy?)

It warms me up in this bitter cold.

And the guy at the African store, in his singsong Nigerian accent just like mine, assured me that it is good for my eyes. “You may not need that ya glasses again.”

But more than anything else, it’s so delicious.

1. Irú

2. okra

3. bell pepper

4. ata rodo (habanero pepper)

5. Onions

6. salt

7. dried (roasted) fish

I prepared the bell pepper, habanero, onions, irú, and dried fish separately as a sauce.

Then I prepared the okra and more irú separately.

Then I mixed both.

You just need one of those teaspoons to do justice to this soup.

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