Wèrèpè má so mọ́.

Devil bean weed, stop producing seeds,

Èyí tó o so lésǐn,

The seeds you produced last season

Baba ẹnìkan ò ka.

Nobody harvested them

Wèrèpè má so mọ̣́.

Devil bean weed, stop producing seeds.

I have often wondered why nature made the Devil Bean plant.

Has anyone encountered it?

Does anyone know what the beans in the pod taste like?

Is the bean edible?

I have just been contacted by my friend, a scholar of chemistry–just after making the post.

She says the botanical name is mecuna pruneis. Also known as velvet beans.

And that it is good for treating ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION and PARKINSON’S DISEASE.

That it must be properly roasted before consumption.

No wonder it is so properly guarded from men!

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