Have you heard di news?

Have you heard di news?

Dem say PDP don marry APC.

Na Sunny Ade and Eddy Okonta play for their wedding.

Wot a wonderful gofment!

Life is sweet like bread and butter.

Aboyun ile are borning pikins tibi tire.

Onisowos, won n rere oja.

Electricity yanfun-yafun like New York Siri.

Our hosipitu don buy new kidney dialysis machines.

Gofment workers nko?

They are paid regularly.

God bless dis gofment o.

Dem don put Fela to ashamed o

Water dey pour for ya tap like omi okun.

Road sef, na like highway to heaven.

Young graduate, congratulations on your new job.

Dem don arrest the Fulani herdsman and turned am to herdswoman.

Ki la o ni jaye fun!

Police sef na dem dey give drivers bribe for road.

Dis kind life na im dem dey call highlife o

As PDP and APC don marry so

Na to dey shack palmie na im we dey rẹpẹtẹ.

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