Yahoo boys hide in the most unlikely locations.

Yahoo boys hide in the most unlikely locations.

So, we went to this village that is blessed with very fast network facility, because at home we hardly hit one bar on our cellphone bandwidth service. You can always trust to hit four bandwidths in this village. We saw a really posh hotel in this village and decided to check it out, buy some drinks and use their fast network services.

The food here is great. The deco is wonderful, and even a couple of peacocks stroll the ground to display their plumes and make sweet trumpet sounds.

Lo and behold, it turns out to be a den of yahoo boys, with their fair-weather ladies hanging out with them.

The first day, they looked at us kinda suspiciously. But they continued with their work, all decked in designer wears, and ragamuffin hairstyles and ghetto-style pulling down of pants to show off their colorful underwear.

They were also spending money yafuyafu on expensive wines and dines.

We kept away from them, turned on our computers and worked on our projects.

The second day, the same thing happened, but we noticed the yahoo guys were eyeing us suspiciously.

The third day, they were all gone. The hotel was empty and shut down its services. The staff told us they couldn’t turn on their generators for us because they had no lodgers.

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