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She said, “I’m certain I’m not a C grade material,” she complained to me. “During my School certificate exam, I scored A grades in most of my courses, and was admitted to the university. Once there, I attended all the lectures, studied really hard and was always ready for the exams. But then, whenever I got my scripts back, I always scored a C grade. I became curious and confused because my friends who did not study, partied throughout the semester and paid no attention to classes, always scored A and B+ grades.”

Me: Is that right?

She: One day, as I sat with depression because I just got another C grade, one of my party-girls friends showed me her script with an A grade. I knew she did not prepare for the exams. But she said, “‘Babe, you don’t know what is going on. Your skin is too dark and you dress like a reverend sister, with clothes covering your fine legs and entire body. You think you are smart? You need to get some toning cream to lighten up your skin so that when the lecturers see you, your skin is shining yòòòò like electricity. Then change your wardrobe. Get some tight and skimpy things to wear, so the lecturers can’t take their eyes off you. You can find something exotic and sexy at some second-hand clothes stalls for very little money. I’m sure the lecturers will start calling you and patronizing you.”

Me: And so, what happened?

She: I told her I couldn’t do that. It was morally wrong to do that kind of thing. So, my friend gave me the alternative. “Babe, here’s the deal. If you want to get a B+ it will cost you 40,000 naira, or twenty liters of gas (petrol). I will introduce you to the lecturer who will make it happen for you. Once you pay him 40k or take him to the gas station to fill his tank, your grade is written only in pencil. He will erase it and replace it with an A grade.”

Me: Then what happened?

She: I told my mom and even she said she would look for the money. But I still refused to do it. I ended up with a Third-Class degree. But today, I have used my imagination and talent to form my own web-building company, teaching myself the details from studying online. I have lots of young people learning from me now, in my own company. We are doing really well. I send my daughter to a school where I pay 2 million naira a year as school fees. I have my own car and I’m building a fine house. I can’t complain. That my friend who advised me to tone my skin and wear tight clothes, I ran into her recently. She is still being carried from hotel to hotel by sugar daddies. I am happy that I shunned her ideas. There are thousands of women like me who had this terrible experience, but not all of us were able to overcome the trauma and continue with our lives. I am thankful that I did not allow that trauma to destroy me.

Me: Excellent. You are certainly not a C grade person. Your brilliance shines through. So how much will you charge me to build a great and professional website?

Meanwhile, I was thinking, Olódùmarè, ta la ṣẹ̀? Could she be telling me lies?

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