My granddaughter fine sha!

My granddaughter fine sha!

Those of you who don’t have granddaughters, Olodumare will pese o.

But your granddaughter still won’t be as fine as mine o: just so you know. Kẹ́lẹ́gbẹ́ mẹgbẹ́.

She already eats amala and okra like a professional at seven months.

When we visit Nigeria after the Koro, she will take a tour of all the major Amala joints in Ibadan, starting from Inanstrate at Mokola.

She loves pepper, plenty of it. Perfect Yoruba baby in the diaspora.

If you don’t have enough pepper in the okra, she will manage the amala, but from her eyes, you would tell that she rates your cuisine skill only one star out of five.

But she doesn’t eat beef rara. She spits it out. Haram!

She eats fish only.

Which reminds me: guys please stop eating beef.

Have you not seen the videos of cows dying by mysterious means–and often not so mysteriously—all over Yorubaland and southeast Nigeria?

They say the butchers are selling these haramu cattle meat—they just go and collect the carcasses lying in the bushes and move them straight to the market, and sell them to unsuspecting beef addicts.

Best emulate my granddaughter and hate beef.

Fish is great for your health.

And fish is not haramu.

Fish does lots of anfani to your body.

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