a picture showing moyo okediji poised for the camera



If before I wavered

I no longer hesitate to say it:

Drag these monsters off our land

these foul Fulani curs

who rape my women with abandon

like they rape their cursed cows.

I saw a video yesterday.

I can no longer sleep.

Terror kept her eyes blindly open

just like it stole my slumber.

Her pupils were popping out

she saw and felt nothing again

Three men held her up

They were snickering

They laughed at her helplessness

with mischievous animal bawls

speaking foreign tongues

she could not fathom

speechless, shocked, seared

she was frozen alive

as they mocked her hopelessness

and tore her private part

They teased her body

this pack of howling dogs

They bantered and jeered

Ten animals and more surrounding her.

She was thin,

fragile like a butterfly

They slammed her down

Hard to the side of the stream

her back to the rough ground

Her face looking at the sky

beasts took her wrapper

and tore off her underwear

pinned her down

obscured her face with her garments

held her down

one of these hyenas

its six inches horizontally stiff

two animals held each of her thin legs

pulled them wide open

one hyena knelt on scattered rocks

between her legs

and defiled her

blood caked her ankles

then another hyena ripped her apart

then another, then another

until they wasted her.


Send down Ogun Lakaaye,

our hunters, our warriors

with bullets, cleansing fire

and long blades sharpened with thunder

Rid our sacred forests

pray do it this Sunday

sanctify our forests

From Igboho to the end of the earth

Remove these animals from our land

Olodumare’s ancestral soil is sacred.

Obaluaye afflict them

with plague poxes that won’t heal

But first and foremost

remove these cowards

They have eaten enough of our girls

as their cows eat our green grasses.

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