a picture showing moyo okediji sitted on the floor in is gallery with his artwork behind him

Let There Be Peace

Let There Be Peace

A smile is the building block of every nation.

Laughter is the greatest mason of the community.

Please show us the peace you preach so loudly.

Don’t just talk the talk.

Also, walk the walk.

You call us idol worshippers. Do we attack you?

You say our God, Esu, is Satan? Do we show anger?

You say when we die we will burn in hellfire.

All we do is shrug, and wish you well.

Do we complain that you are blasphemous when you say our Orisa are evil?

No. We recognize your freedom of speech.

You say we are devil worshippers when we worship our indigenous divinities.

But we don’t attack you, or say you are preaching blasphemy.

Let peace reign.

Stop the fight in the name of God

Whatever you choose to worship or hold dear, please remember:

Love is the greatest of all religions.

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