a picture showing moyo okediji sitting next to his artwork



We are the ones born to fly

to open wide the feathers of our wings

and like a kite without a care

to soar far above the fence

Therefore we aim far

While we are flying

fearlessly soaring through the firmament

flowing toward the spirit of the light

Fleeing the fright of the night

Way beyond the gloomy lake

out into the bright sunshine we elevate

where the doom of fear cannot touch

where divine love is word

Freely we fly with the power of liberty

From which our spirit was born

Purposeful to glide over lowly gravity,

as a generation of hope, energy and drive

Ascendent over the wall

Swiftly we surf, heads held up high

an eagle above the clouds

defending this freedom flight

for our human might

within which we one

Henceforth we soar, high

surely high through the clouds

brightly we shine the higher we fly….

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