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Look to your weakness, because therein lies your strength.

Where you are strongest is where you are weakness.

Focus not on your achievements

Closely embrace your failures.

Why are you weak in certain areas, yet strong in others?

You are weak in some places so you can better appreciate where you are strong.

And you are strong in certain areas so you can better address your weaknesses.

The size of the elephant is enormous; it is the strength of the elephant.

The elephant is always visible wherever it is, because it is so large.

But the size of the elephant is also a problem.

The elephant needs a lot of food to maintain its weight.

And sometimes we need a place to hide and remain private, away from all prying eyes.

The elephant has no hiding place: the monkey can easily hide behind a tree.

If necessary, the monkey can jump from the branch of a tree to another to escape from foes.

The largest baobab is not big enough to hide an elephant:

Be careful, when you seek to be big.

Once you reach your massive scale, you cannot shrink again; not even a baobab, iroko or araba can hide you again.

Think of the air.

You cannot see the air.

Yet it is everywhere.

Everybody loves and needs it.

But the air is not noticed unless it is absent, enraged or fouled.

Do you want to be the air, and live your life fulfilled and mostly unnoticed?

Or an ant, whose ancestors built great castles while humans still crawled around in caves?

Or would you like to be the elephant in the room?

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