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My Husband Doesn’t Like Me

My Husband Doesn’t Like Me


You said big is beautiful, prof,

But my husband does not like me big.

He says I am bigger than before we got married

and I need to shed some weight

or get liposuction.

Because he said he doesn’t like me big

I feel ugly and unattractive now,

I stopped feeling beautiful

and my self-confidence is low.


Because he does not like you big

does not mean you are not beautiful.

Whether you are big or thin

tall or short

dark or light

it is impossible for everybody to like you.

First, you must like yourself

and understand you are beautiful

Even when certain people don’t like you.

After you lose weight

or do your liposuction

not the entire town will like you.

There is no guarantee your husband will like you better

even after your liposuction,

But that doesn’t make you less beautiful.

You are beautiful whether others like you or not.

Just as you don’t like everybody,

It’s impossible for everybody to like you.

Walk tall and hold your head high

Step out elegantly like a model on the runway

You are without compare and beautiful

Let no one extinguish your self-confidence.


Photo is the picture of my new painting, ÌYÁ Ò ṢE É PÀÀRỌ̀

Any translations of the title?

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