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To pronounce this sound,

turn your lips into a circle.

Then push the air

through your lips,


then forcefully.

The sound comes out in a continuous flow

until you are out of breath:


That is the sound

of the birthing mother

pushing the baby out

through the womb.

The O is the shape of the womb.

It is the shape of the belly

of the pregnant woman

It is the shape of obo, the vagina

It is the head of the Oko, the penis

O is the shape of the earth.

Look up: it is the shape of the sun.

It is the shape of the moon.

O refers to “everything” in the indigenous language of the Yoruba people.

Add diacritics, and it exists as O, Ó and Ò (pronounced with tones as reh, meh, doh).

Pronounced as O (reh), it means “you,” including all genders, all ages, races, all identities.

Pronounced as Ó (meh) it means, he, she, and it.

As Ò, (doh) it is the short form of kò–meaning “does not,” or “minus” or “without the subject.”

O is, therefore, life, the origin of things, the “ọ̀run” from which everything originates, the genesis. O is a circle, a cycle, a sphere, an orange a speck, dot.

O is the most basic building block of life, that dot from which you could calculate dot-per-inch.

When you cut O into two,

the binary design of life opens up

and reveals the essence of O

as “it” breaks up into a dual,

self-replicating pattern,

suggestive of eternity.

Dissection of orange shows this binary essence of repetition with each section or cell manifesting individual variations.

The invisible and automatically released energy contained within the process of cellular replication in O is the àṣẹ that binds and enables fruition, multiplication and procreation, the building block of life.

The Obo, or the vagina opens up, divided by the oko or penis.

It is the O of the Ojú, the eyes.

It is the O of the Òbò, the vagina

It is the O of the Orí, the head

It is the O of the Orí Okó, the head of the penis

It is the O of the Òsùpá, the Moon

It is the O of the Òòrùn, the sun

It is the O of the Omí, the water

It is the O of the Òjò, the rain.

It is the O of the Ọ̀run, the source

It is the O of the Òku, the dead

It is the beginning and end of all things

This painting describes the binary essence of male and female organs in perfect harmony.

It is the Ẹdan Ògbóni, the Ọpọ́n Ifá, and the foundation of all Odù.

It is the 1 and 0 of the computer code.

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