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Visitors From the Distant Past

Visitors From the Distant Past

They landed in three large pods.

“They look exactly as we envisaged,” one of them said, probing me.

“Bring him inside the pod.” Said another.

They took me inside the pod.

I looked around.

It seemed really simple.

“Doesn’t he look cute?” another of them said.

I didn’t say a word.

They all looked queer.

“We are visitors,” one of them told me.

“We’re coming from the past.”

“We lived here several million years ago.”

“Exactly this same spot.”

I was only three years old.

I nodded

I understood them.

“Gotta run,” they said.

We have several eras to see on this short trip.”

I nodded.

I waved.

They led me out of the pod.

They waved.

And disappeared.


Artist: Moyo Okediji

Title: Visitor From the Past

Medium: acrylic on canvas

36″ x 24″


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