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HOW MUCH? Èrò Ni Ọkọ Dídó

HOW MUCH? Èrò Ni Ọkọ Dídó

Check the naira amount in your pocket or the bottom line in your bank account.

Has that transfer gone through?

But what does a fellow do with money that rapidly gets useless?

What do you do when a piece of paper loses its promisedvalue?

It still says One thousand Naira, but it only buys One hundred Naira worth of garri.

In the year 2019 when I left Nigeria, I brought with me some naira currency notes, stacked in one-thousand denominations.

I placed it on my table, waiting for my return to Nigeria.

The same stack of money, nothing added or removed, is now about half of its value in 2019.

Will I ever spend that money again?

Has my stack here in the US not become part of the billions of naira that would only bring back memories of an ABIKU nation that was born to die, in two or three years from now?

If you are a trader, what is your option?

What do you do now?

Do you want to buy an item for ten naira, sell it for fifteen naira, only to discover that it will cost twenty naira to restock that item?

Garri buyers and sellers have to stop and think wellu-wellu.

Èrò ni ọkọ dídó. (I don’t know how to translate that sort of proverb).

Forget about imported rice. Just ordinary white or yellow garri.

It is the farmer’s market once again. If you are a farmer, you have enough yam tubers to feed your family and to sell to feed the city.

Unfortunately, the herdsmen now stand between the farmer and the farms, ready to abduct or attack travelers.

How does one go to the farm, or bring products from the farm?

Do you now organize armed vigilantes of women to lead the way to the farmlands?

How many nairases equal one human life in Nigeria in 2021?

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