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About 50 villages, mostly located in Ogun States, have been abandoned by Yoruba farmers and their families, but now occupied by Fulani invaders who drove out these villagers.

This morning I saw videos of the officers of the Nigerian Customs and Excises raiding the shops of poor market women, removing items that these women bought for sale to their customers.

This is a two-prong attack: the villagers driven out of their villages are unable to farm and provide food supplies for the people in towns and cities.

The foods that are already in the stores are being raided, thereby depriving people of having food to buy and eat.

Food is an essential commodity. Everybody suffers when there is no food to eat.

But those who suffer the most when there is no food are women who are nursing; infants who cannot fend for themselves; and children who need food to grow their brains and bodies.

What is the future of Yoruba people, given these conditions?

Six years ago, I begged everybody in the name of Olodumare not to vote for Mr. Buhari.

I can show you Facebook posts in which I begged and reminded people that he was a mean-spirited tribalist when he was a military dictator.

Orunmila, Elerin Ipin, indicated that his era would be marked by insecurity, death and starvation. I clearly said so, but people voted him in.

A year after Buhari won the first presidential elections, I began a series of drawings showing women carrying AK47 to defend themselves, in the farmlands, and on their way to the farm.

Attached is one of the dozens of drawings I did in 2016.

Now that the farmers cannot stay in the villages, and the markets are being raided in broad daylight and at night, and food is carted away from people without care for what the children would eat, what options are available?

Just to start starving?

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