You Are Our Sunshine

You Are Our Sunshine

If your skin is dark, we praise you as Adúmáradán.

If your skin is light, we hail you as Apọ́nbéporẹ́.

If you are thin, we salute you as Ọ̀pẹ́lẹ́ńgẹ́.

If you are big, we greet you as Ìbàdí-Àrán.

If you are tall we welcome you as Agùn-táṣọọ́-lò.

If you are short we embrace you as Akúrúyẹjọ́.

However you look,

the African eye values you and sees beauty in you.

Let nobody deceive you that

you are ugly or not good enough

Attractive you are and so wonderful

As a lick of honey to the curious tongue

You are so lovely today and always.

You are the sunshine of this day.

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