What is at stake in Nigeria is much more than the crisis of the production and the consumption of cows.

The Fulani can easily raise cows in large ranches in northern Nigeria.

But the cows are now used as weapons.

The cows have been weaponized as an instrument for the colonization of the land and the lives of other indigenous peoples.

The cows have no value as sedentary animals sitting in ranches.

The value of the cows lies in the animals being marched through other people’s lands.

Under the pretext of the movement, the herdsmen are able to gradually take over the land, abuse the landowners, terrorize, maim, rape and kill the indigenous people, one group after another.

They know that while they are subjugating the Jukun, the Yoruba would say nothing, thinking “It’s the Jukun people being destroyed, we are safe.”

But once the Fulani mass killers are done destroying the Jukun, just as they did with the Hausa people, they move to the Yoruba, while the Edo and Urhobo would keep their distance, thinking, “It’s the Yoruba being subjugated, we are safe.”

But once they are done subjugating the Yoruba, the Fulani herdsmen would subjugate the Edo, Urhobo, and other groups, one after the other.

Those who, therefore, keep telling the Fulani herdsmen to build cattle ranches in the north totally miss the point.

Kept inside ranches, the cow would be de-weaponized.

And the herdsmen would no longer be effective as armed soldiers marching through Africa, spreading desertification, death and destruction.

The Fulani would never agree to be kept in ranches in the north.

They are the foot soldiers of a colonizing ambition.

Don’t eat their beef.

Their beef is weaponized meat.

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