Who will win between Buhari and Atiku?

The presidential election in Nigeria is postponed for another week.

Who will win between Buhari and Atiku?

(In all seriousness, all other names are not on the ballot).

The question is not whether Buhari will be reelected into office as the president of Nigeria.

Ifa says Buhari will be reelected, whether you like it or not.

Ọ̀pẹ̀ says it is inevitable that Buhari will be reelected into power by hook or crook.

The question, therefore, is what happens after he returns to office?

Ifa says:

Matters will be worse than ever before now.

Things will be harder.

The times will be tougher.

The sea will be stormier.

The clouds will be thicker.

The fog will be foggier

The days will be gloomier

The nights will be longer

The market will be slower

The valleys will be deeper

The hills will be steeper

The rivers will be drier

The winds will he colder

The sun will be hotter

The moon will be duller

The weather will be harsher

The journey will be hardier

The struggles will be stiffer

The rich will be richer

The poor, poorer

The pain, the agony, will be worse for the lowly and the humble.

The sick, even sicker

The sad, sadder.

The mad will be madder

The hungry, hungrier.

Blame the messenger all you will.

But whether it is your will, or against your will, Buhari is returning to office to rule for four more full years.

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