THE RAFTER’S BURDEN—the English translation of Oladejo Okediji’s AJA LO LERU

THE RAFTER’S BURDEN—the English translation of Oladejo Okediji’s AJA LO LERU is out

Three days before his transition, my father, the Yoruba writer Oladejo Okediji, had only one worry: “Akanbi,” he told me, “make sure you work with Sola Owonibi to get Aja Lo Leru translated and published.”

I was suspicious. “We are already working on it,” I said. “You are worried we won’t do a good job?” It was another hint he gave me about his impending departure during that last call. And I did not miss it.

“I’m just saying,” Baba said with a dismissive laugh. “I would love to read a good translation of the novel.”

“I hope you will remain with us long enough to….” I began to say.

“Of course, of course,” my father said. “Don’t be ridiculous. There’s nothing wrong with me. I will be around to see this translation in print. In addition to the translations of my other books—I will see them in print before returning to Olodumare.”

Three days later, they told me he had crossed the river. T

hen he appeared to me in a dream, and said, “Hurry up and get that translation out in print, Akanbi.”

It took a while to get it out because our attention was focused on quality. We were committed to producing the finest translation of Aja Lo Leru possible; and also to produce it in a marvelous edition befitting of the high quality of the celebrated Yoruba novel.

We now have in print, THE RAFTER’S BURDEN, being a translation of Oladejo Okediji’s AJA LO LERU, by Sola Owonibi, a professor of literature at the Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba.

The book is the first publication by the University of African Art Press.

Special thanks to the translator: Sola Owonibi

Special thanks to the editor: Adeleke Adeeko.

Special thanks to the producer: Tope Popoola

The regular cost of the book is N5000.

You take 40% for the book launching event, for a price of N3000. Available through the Akowe, Boluwatife Obanimi Bababunmi (08086485467)

and also through WhatsApp only from the Curator, Bisi Oladunjoye (07080564174).

You may also get a copy at the

Akodi Orisa Art Sanctuary

Oke Akintude Estate (Aba Iya Gani)

Ile Ife

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