The Yoruba people comprise of several tribal units, each speaking a different dialect of the Yoruba language.

There is Yoruba literature, which has developed a large body of writings including novels, poetry, critical writing and essays.

Yoruba is studied in universities all over the world, and you may get a Ph.D. in Yoruba studies, one of the very few indigenous languages in Africa in which you get a doctorate.

Yoruba music is rich, with various genres both traditional and modern.

Each Yoruba ethnic tribe is recognized for special characteristics and psychological dispositions. For example:

Ijebu–banking and administration

Oyo—entertainment and politics

Ibadan—military and toughness

Ekiti–farmers and sculptors

Ijesha—Trading and frankness

Ife—Spirituality and origin

Ondo-Ilaje—water, folktales

Owo—diplomats and ceremonies

Isehin, Oke Iho—weaving and forest reserves

Oshogbo—Osun tourism, Dyeing

Ogbomosho—long distance merchants, importers

Egba—Olumo tourists, sweet musical voice, commerce

Akure—rocks and ancient palace

Igbomina–business, traveling

Akoko–creativity, bravery

They are hardworking people who have traits of creativity, friendliness, hospitality, gentleness, fairness, openness, and justice.

They dislike begging, slothfulness, borrowing money or depending on others. They are proud of their indigenous cultures and say, “Èmi ò jẹ ẹnìkan ní gbèsè, mi ò sì tọrọ ẹ̀wù wọ̀. Iṣẹ́ ọwọ́ mi ni mò ń jẹ.” This saying means, “I owe nobody money, I do not borrow garments from anyone, and I eat from the sweat of my labor.”

Unfortunately, the people were colonized and merged with other peoples with totally different values, including those who see nothing wrong in begging, slothfulness and brigandage. The Yoruba people have remained colonized with these other groups until today, and have not regained their independence, or been allowed to form their own nation.

The Yoruba Nation which they are demanding would enable them to bring all these positive values together, so they can build a country that is debt-free, tolerant of diverse religions, progressive and enterprising.

May Olodumare bless their desires to be free of their colonial trap.

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