The death of

Abba Kyari is a major loss

for Nigeria.

Because he departed

so suddenly and unexpectedly,

eliminated by a killer so

vehemently and with matchless

dispatch, the victim most

probably did not have the

time nor the clarity

of mind to discuss

and disclose where the

loots, if any

were buried.

Too soon we will

begin to witness

a slew of 419

scams with fraudsters

claiming to be Mr. Kyari’s

girlfriends trying to move

billions of dollars out

of hiding places, looking

for mules abroad

to assist them

with the haul.

Unsuspecting responders eager

to make a fast buck

would fall for the

tricks and Yahoo boys

would have a field

day feeding on the

late Mr. Kyari’s corpse.

May this note

serve a warning to

potential respondents that

most certainly nobody

knows where he buried

the loots, if any.

May his soul

rest in perfect peace

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