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Our generation is the “love” generation.


We choose people to “fall in love” with and may even marry them.

The children of those born this year

will not endure the pangs of love and romance.

Two generations ago, families organized marriages for people.

It was not about love.

Until the middle of the last century

romantic love was not the determinant of marriages.

And by the middle of this century,

romantic love will no longer be fashionable.

You will have a choice

between marrying an artificial intelligence robot

and “real” people.

Many will choose the AI.

And religion?

It will go out of fashion,

replaced by entertainment on demand.

The GIGO law of information computing

Garbage in garbage out

—what you code is what you get—

will replace morality, preaching and tithes.

Poverty and love

will be eradicated almost at the same time

Because both are historically intertwined.

To err will still be human.

Heartbreakers, enjoy romantic love while it lasts,

even as you kiss it goodbye

while crossing the line

between love and hate.

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