a picture showing a new portrait of Moyo Okediji penned delivered by Frank Anwuacha.

February 13

February 13

February 13 is an important day in the history of Nigeria.

It was the day they shot Nigeria.

In 1976, it was on February 13 that traitors assassinated General Murtala Muhammed.

He was shot in his car in the heavy traffic of that hot afternoon on the street of Lagos.

At the moment he was assassinated, Murtala Muhammed was our most beloved head of state, and many of us felt helpless and lost when we were informed of the death.

A saint, he was not; after a checkered past, he took most serious the duty of nation-building, and began to turn Nigeria round to take its place among the greatest nations on earth.

Those who killed him killed Nigeria.

Hope died for many of us in Nigeria.

From the day Murtala Muhammed died until today, Nigeria began to unravel thread by a thread, and the last strands holding the country today are snapping every second as a countdown begins.

They say they will Sorosoke again at Lekki on February 13.

Another February 13?

On the street of Lagos?

What is it with February 13 gan-gan?

***New portrait of Moyo Okediji penned delivered yesterday by Frank Anwuacha.

I think he deserves the warmest hug.

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