Are Africans “shithole” as President Donald Trump has allegedly pontificated?

I arrived the United States in September 1992. When I stepped on US soil at the JFK airport I had exactly $98 in my pocket. Yet by February 1995, I successfully defended my doctoral dissertation at one of the best universities in the United States. I never enjoyed a penny of scholarship money. I was not entitled to, nor did I receive student loan. I worked my way through college.

I’m not trying to brag. I’m just an ordinary African.

Now check the statistics presented here:[0]=AT1ZOEruZmT2X3EossYkp1M7mrdaNtPVCz3VX2B_gt4-LHKPR6HHB9957xFVP-J9hylJ11YyVP9hMRe6V1muGEk8tWpkcE6CYh6UbkmPZE1_Kb-yHy5NAshU_ffZfm4MEV-B5bljK9PzjRz7ZYSxDrGCp4-8aixzSEkcNHHKMVPhc3w4KgTF

“Black immigrants are one of the most-educated immigrant groups. Black immigrants have more college education and higher rates of degree attainment than any other immigrant group in the United States.”

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