Reminds me of a painting by Parmigianino, titled SELF PORTRAIT IN A CONVEX MIRROR, painted circa 1524 during the Renaissance.

In the painting, the convex mirror from which Parmigianino is painting places the artist’s hand at the forefront of the composition, in a manner that exaggerates the hands, thus proclaiming the powerful quality of the craftsmanship within the hand of an artist.

The play with a mirror in this selfie is the double reversal: the mirror reverses my image, while the camera lens reverses the already reversed image of the mirror, thus neutralizing the initial mirror reversal.

The truth–or reality–is hard to know and embrace because life is a layered palimpsest of reversals of experiences. Today reverses yesterday, and tomorrow reverses today, yet tomorrow never comes.

So, when I read that the celebrated Nigeria curator, Okui Enwenzor, remaked that, “The future belongs to Africa,” I know the future lies in tomorrow, which is always ahead and never here.

The future is never here because it is a reversal of the past, which will never return. Life is a convex mirror embedded in a concave lens.

Africa, therefore, is Now, Yesterday and Forever More.

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