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Ifa reads the ọpọ́n of 2019 elections in Nigeria and shakes his head at Ìwòrì Méjì, which says inter alia, that:

Pregnant women will no longer be delivered.

The barren ones will remain barren.

The sick will remain infirm.

Small rivers will dry up.

Semen will dry up in men’s testicle

Women will no longer see their menstruation.

New yam tubers will wither and die out

Corn will shrivel and fall

Beans will flower yet not yield seeds

The chicken will be without grains

The livestock will be without feeds.

May none of these tragedies happen.

May we be spared this tragic season.

But 2019 is a probable bridge built toward moaning and gnashing of teeth.

Ifa narrates the details:

In 1983, there was an election between Obafemi Awolowo and Shehu Shagari. Shagari was seeking re-election, and Awolowo sought a chance to lead Nigeria out of turmoil.

I told my friends that it was inevitable for Shagari to win, by hook or crook. They said no, “Shagari will be defeated.”

Alhaji Shagari won and the nation has remained in the tunnel till the present day.

Now let’s fast-forward to 2019. President Buhari will seek re-election to the highest office in the nation.

My friends, Mr. Buhari will certainly return as president. Why is this even in dispute or difficult to see? He has all the machinery in place to enable his re-election: Money, Manpower, Machiavelli.

But after President Buhari’s return, Nigeria will enter another tunnel, a deeper, grimmer, and longer tunnel without light, nor a glimmer of hope. Corruption will be without fetters because the president no longer would have any reason to exercise briddles over the looters of the national treasury since he would no longer seek re-election. Things would be so bad that flies would be afraid to fly because they would be caught and roasted for protein by impoverished masses. Farms for growing food would be abandoned because of violence by northern and southern extremists, leading to unnecessary lack of food in a land flowing with milk and honey.

Religious intolerance will be the order of the land. Ethnic clashes will be commonplace. The rich will get richer, the poor will get nothing.

May the proper sacrifices be offered. May the inevitable be averted.

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