Sell your possessions

Sell your possessions, give everything to the poor, hop on the okada bike and ride your life away to paradise.

My dear friends, there is no more pleasurable way to die than on the okada bike. I just discovered what I had been missing!

The other evening, I hailed an okada rider and took a jolly spin through the city. I was headed nowhere in particular, so I told the okada guy to take me as far as my fifty naira would travel me, and back home. We went really far to the other end of town.

The road was jammed with traffic. It was a windy evening, but my okada cyclist was faster than the wind, as we tore through the dense traffic, and went through the forest of buses, cars, tricycles and bicycles like a needle going through a thin cotton sheet.

The breeze slapped my head hard, threatening to tear off my baseball cap, the only helmet covering my bald head.

We took off like two dancers clung together.

And I thought, what fun this is!

Bet all the rich folks who ride in their luxurious cars miss all the fun that poor folks like me have for just fifty naira on a daily basis,

Nobody has invented a better way to die than on the back of the okada cyclist.

If you haven’t experienced it, please try it today. You must not hold the okada man.

Folks, when you ride, you must keep your hands free and balance on your butts.

It’s just more fun that way.

After your ride, you’ll thank me I asked you to do it.

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