a picture of moyo okediji working at the akodi orisha

The things we take for granted.

The things we take for granted.

I wanted to plant some flowers. Ordinarily I would simply jump up, grab the seeds, and plant the flowers.

But things are now different.

Without a serviceable leg, I had to think carefully of the strategy that would enable me to plant the flowers.

First, I needed an àpótí, which is a small wooden seat that I could sit on and move from one spot to another, as I planted the seeds.

Then I had to tie the container of the seeds to one of my crutches, which would afford me an economy of movement, without needing any assistance.

Third, I would tuck the cutlass under an arm as I moved from place to place.

And, oh, I had to tie a plastic bag to cover my POP cast, or it would get soiled.

I did all the above, and completed the task of planting new flowers. We will begin to enjoy the bloom before the end of the rainy season this year.

Being handicapped is an opportunity for thinking clearly and well ahead of time.

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