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Life Begins At 65

Life Begins At 65

I’m only just 64, but life begins at 65

I thank all my friends who sent me birthday wishes yesterday.

I can’t wait for the party to start when, finally, I get born one year from today.

But, it’s alright. Some people are only in their thirties, forties, fifties and early sixties. They have to wait a while to get born and start rocking.

At 65, you’ve done it all. Life has thrown all it has at you, and you have stood your ground. You can easily say, “Ẹran kí la ò jẹ rí? What edible flesh am I yet to chew?”

At 1, you don’t know anything about life.

At 10, you are alive, but not yet born.

At 20, you assume you are invincible until you find out that you lack the necessary skills.

At 30, you believe you are the best until you realize that you have formidable competitions.

At 40, you know you are not invincible, and you dig in your heels.

At 50, you know you are not the best, and you sigh.

At 60, you know you have made it because nobody else is you or can become you: you are unique.

At 64, you see life clearly now and you know you are not yet born.

At 65, you are born and can start your life the way you have always dreamed of it.

It feels good to be 64. But life begins at 65.

I can’t wait and should start ordering my boogie boots from Amazon.com.

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