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When scientists speak about global warming, they often imagine that water levels would rise to threaten the land, perhaps even cover up some islands.

But is it possible that global warming could generate the growth of monstrous bacteria and viruses the like of which we have never seen before, microbiological growths that could threaten civilization and life on earth?

In 2005, I had this dream that I began to paint the moment I woke up.

I saw a disintegrating world.

A huge dark mass began to grow and swell and blow around the land and the water all over the world. It traveled on the back of the wind. Wherever bits and pieces of this dark mass landed, it glued things together, melting them, distorting them and turning them into unrecognizable rubbery globs.

Nobody knew what was going on

Some strange biological life began to germinate as the world began to warm up.

People had no control over this growth.

COVID-19 is nothing compared to what the dream conveyed.

When I woke up from this nightmare, my blanket was soaked with my sweat, and I was shivering with cold. I felt sick for about a week before I recovered.

After I completed the painting of this nightmare, I simply rolled up the large canvas and hid it.

I brought it out this week, as the crisis of COVID-19 hit the world. I shot a picture of it and began to reflect on the picture.

May this nightmare never materialize. May it prove to be a fake vision.

Artist: Moyo Okediji

Title: 2084

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Date: 2005

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