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Like a bird

Like a bird, I mostly live on seeds and fruits these days.

The seeds last long, and I can easily store them in my self-isolated den.

But the fruits, I prefer them “fresh.” I, therefore, buy only enough to last for about a week whenever I visit the grocery store near my house.

So, I put on my Koro hijab and went to the grocery store.

They let us in only one person at a time, and made us form a long line outside the grocery store. The line was about one mile long, stretching through the entire strip mall. Okay, it wasn’t exactly one mile long.

But it was veeeeeerrrrrrry long!

This time, I bought enough fruits to last me for two weeks.

Thanks to Niyi Afolabi, who gave me the hijab couple of years ago, when he returned from Brazil.

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