a post showing Moyo OKediji art piece

Hahahaha! Look at his Johnny Walker!

Yesterday I made this funny painting. Hahahaha! Look at his Johnny Walker!

I sampled the painting from a wood panel sculptured by Dada Arowoogun, a Yoruba artist whose work narrates Yoruba life during the 19th century.

The work is relevant because Yoruba people are still doing what we used to call “two-fighting.” In our primary school days, when the teacher forbade speaking in vernacular, and all the English we knew were three words: “Two fighting” were two crucial words of the three.

Does anyone know what is going on in the painting?

Ha, the fight between Afenifere and Afenifebi and Yoruba World Congress and Yoruba Youth Council, and Yoruba One Voice, and Yoruba Young Fellows and Yoruba Lightweights: this fight, who do you think is causing it and who do you think will benefit from it?

Do you see what is happening in the painting?

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