This morning, a friend from Nigeria called me and asked the question: “What will happen to the politics of Nigeria, to President Buhari, and the 2023 elections in Nigeria?”

“I don’t know,” I responded.

“But Ifa knows, right?” she asked. “Isn’t Ifa supposed to know everything?”

“Okay,” I responded. “I will ask Ifa and let you know later.”

I brought out my laptop and used the Ifa computation system.

I asked Orunmila the requested question.

The code that Ifa returned is Òturá Òdí.

I was not happy with this code.

I tried again:

The result got complicated—Òtúrúpọ̀n Òturá appeared.

These are not happy codes.

They warn of imminent war and betrayal by friends.

I called my confidant Babalawo and shared my findings with him.

He did a consultation, then confirmed my finding, saying, “Ah! It is true that war and commotion will happen soon; it is sacrifices that we can do to make us victorious. But betrayers will work tirelessly to be on top. Ifá, however, will shame them and defeat them all.”

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