The Miyetti Allah cattle herders.

Miyetti Allah cattle herders want grazing grounds in the south?

I have not touched beef in more than a decade.

But fair enough.

We the Orisa devotees in Yorubaland have a simple request as well–in the interest of peace, progress and prosperity.

We want to have 100 square miles in each northern state reserved for us as our Igbó Orò. We need the space to break kola and worship our orisas.

If northerners could make stupid and absurd demands, so could southerners, right?

The Senate of Nigeria should start debating our simple request.

We believe President Buhari will support our demand as he fervently supports the Miyetti Allah agitators requesting our ancestral land for cattle grazing.


I took this picture of the supplicating hands of Oloye Osara of Ile Ife, an important divinity associated with the Yoruba creation narrative.

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