Scammer: Hello, how are you doing?

Me: Very good. How about you?

Scammer: I’m fine, thanks for asking. how’s your day going so far?

Me: Excellent. Who are you?

Scammer: I’m Susan, from Idaho but currently living in Jacksonville Florida. I’m a registered nurse working with the UN nations overseas.

Facebook suggested you as someone I may know so I viewed your profile and decided to send you a request out of curiosity hoping we could get to know more about ourselves and maybe become friends.

Me: That’s great. Where are you currently working overseas?

Scammer: Afghanistan

I’m stationed at the Shindand Air Base in Herat Province which is located 75 miles from the Iranian Border the nearest town is 7 miles away at Sabzwar city.

Me: Incredible. The US has withdrawn from Afghanistan.

Scammer: Yeah.

My contract will be over in less than 3 months

Me: US left the last base in July.

Scammer: We still have up to 3 months before we get back to the sates, I’m a civilian deployed to serve a contract

Me: I see. That’s great

Scammer: So where are you from, and were do you live?

Me: I find it difficult to believe that this is not a scam. It’s the most common form of assault on unsuspecting victims nowadays

Scammer: Oh I see, well I’m being totally sincere right now. I don’t see any reason I would want to scam you

Me: Your language is male not female and this conversation follows the pattern of scammers.

Scammer: Hmm, are you being serious.

Me: Absolutely. You have to change tactics. The one you are using is too common.

As a matter of fact, the only reason I’m humoring you is so as to use this conversation as a means of warning people about the structure of scamming on Facebook.

Please go away.

Scammer: Thanks for your advice, but I want you to know I’m not interested on scamming or whatever okay. Okay fine, have a nice day it was nice talking to you.

Me: If you are not a scammer, call me and talk.

Scammer: So if I can get to call you would that changes anything?

Me: Yes. Absolutely. It is at this point that scammers disappear.

You sound smart. Please use your mind to make the world a better place. We all have problems. And there is too much evil in the world now.

Scammer: That’s very true, And I understand you are just being cautious. I have also encounter with such persons over here on Facebook trying to extract money from me.

Me: Yes. And I’m convinced that is exactly what you will try to do to me at some point.

Do you know Hushpuppie?

Scammer: No I don’t, what about him?

Me: You must know him. He’s one of the greatest internet scammers of all time–if you could describe scammers as great. I bet you know him. Otherwise, you need to study his tactics. But he is in the hands of the FBI right now, and he is singing like a canary in a cage.

Scammer: Well that’s good to know, I’m glad they are working on that.

Me: See how you’ve used diversionary tactics to avoid calling? I knew scammers don’t call until they have finally locked in a client. You are not calling because you haven’t locked me in. Once you lock me in, you will find a woman to call me and reel me in. I really appeal to you to stop scamming folks. Be merciful, I beg you. Life is too difficult already. Go and study computer coding or something and write programs. You could become rich in a legitimate way following that path. But if you continue along the path of internet scamming, you would injure a lot of people, and end up in prison as Hushpuppie and the Nigerian police officers and politicians aiding and abetting him to scam people. Do you understand my plea to you?

Scammer: I do understand what you are saying. But I just don’t know why I have to tell you again that I’m not a scammer so please stop wit all that.

Me: There’s still room for redemption for you. At least you have not been caught yet. No lady worth her name would have this sort of conversation with me. She would have long left. Please leave and reflect on what I have told you. Have a wonderful day.

Scammer: I’m real okay, I just wish you could realize that. I’m not yeah for any of that stuff you are talking about. but I think it’s right time I set back now.

Me: It is the perfect time to crawl off. My Facebook friends would have a great laugh when they read this dialogue.

Scammer: Sounds Fun, nice short. Have a great day over there.

Me: You too. Say hi to Hush if you eventually end up in the same cell with him.

Scammer: You are very silly and funny, Lol.

Me: Thanks. I will now go and block your ass off my Facebook. Bye.

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